Thank you so much for introducing Miles to music. As you are well aware he has really enjoyed his time at Jolly Babies.

I too have loved all the singing and the friendly atmosphere of the sessions.

Hopefully you will see us again in September.

All the best and thank you again.

Penny & Miles
Ruth, Thank you so much for attending Issy's birthday party. Everyone enjoyed the music session, including the grown ups! It was a great way to get everyone together and a real ice breaker. Issy loves her music session every week (which she has attended since 4 weeks old!). She amazes us by how much she learns and repeats at home. We hope to continue for as long as we can. Many thanks.

Claire, Carl, Isabella & Marchelli
Thank you for encouraging Rose's love of singing, I feel sure it will always be something she loves to do.

Rose, Lachlan, Sarah & Rob
Dear Ruth,

A big thank you for running such a fun jolly babies session at our party.

James, Lauren, Barnaby, Jessica & Jonas
Dear Ruth,

A really big thank you from me and Edith for all the fun we have had at music over the years. We will really miss our Fridays. I will be straight on the phone if I have another one!

Edith & Louisa

Thank you for making our Tuesdays so enjoyable.

Alexandra & Gill
Dear Ruth,

Thank You for a wonderful time at Music With Mummy, see you next term.

Sarah & Emily
Dear Ruth,

Looking forward to a fun filled next term of Music with Mummy.

Olivia & Elizabeth
Dear Ruth,

You make Tuesdays the best day of the wekk...
Thank you very much.

Ruth, thank you for the wonderful music with mummy sessions. We all just think they are fantastic, keep on the good work.

Sarah, Poppy & Annabelle